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Poster: rtbrno65 Date: Jun 9, 2007 2:12pm
Forum: democracy_now_vid Subject: Nancy Pelosi= useless

The recent change in congressional rule that led to much optimism about the runaway corruption of the Bush administration being finally put into check appears to be very much unfounded. What amazes me is how SCARED the Democrats seem of Bush. They act like if they initiate anything it's going to blow up in there face no matter what. All I hear about is "08,08". Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that the Democrats dropped the stupid troop withdrawl timeline provision in the Iraq War funding bill, all they were doing was giving the President a way to worm his way out of this mess he created while making them look weak and feckless. Now the President has no one to blame but himself as for however worse this mess gets. I'm bothered that they aren't taking more domestic initiatives, mainly reversing the stupid "No Child Left Behind"educational initiative and the unconstitutional "Patriot Act". Ms. Pelosi and her colleagues are obviously only thinking of the next election and are "keeping the seats warm" until then. Bush has another 1.5 years to do unchecked damage to our country and constitution.